a day at the museum and some thoughts on trust

The more comfortable I grow into my role as a homeschool mom, the richer the experience is for our family.  I think it's because the I am learning to trust myself!  Maybe that sounds strange, but learning to trust yourself is a huge component in successful homeschooling, When you learn to trust yourself as your child's educator, you are less concerned with measuring what you're doing against what you think someone or something else expects of you (isn't that a silly way to live anyway?).  And you are more in tune--more intuitive in helping your children progress and reach his or her potential at any given time.  Learning to trust yourself can't help but extend also to the child.  I believe that children can feel it when we trust them--by that I mean that they can feel that we have confidence in them.  We are "in tune" with where they are--and respectful of their individuality and recognize the greatness within them.  And that helps them develop the confidence to soar.  Pretty amazing stuff!

a homeschool life conversation with heather robison

Hello Friends. We are the Robisons. My name is Heather, and the incredible man I'm married to is Jordan. We have 5 crazy, energetic, and happy kids. Brayden is 10, Corbyn is 8, Gabryella is 7,  Jordy is 5, and Quinton is 2 1/5. Our life consists of lots of laughter, wild adventures, learning at home, service to others, a bit of craziness, and lots of love. My husband and I were both raised in the Salt Lake Valley area. After being married for about 2 years, we moved to a super small town named Roosevelt. We lived there for 7 years and moved to an even smaller town named Bluebell. Incredibly charming in an amazing community with loving people. We have been living in this town for almost 3 years. We are in love with having lots of space to explore and having farm animals.

purposeful season & light the world!

My goodness, I'm not sure where the year has gone, but somehow it has, and we are now on December first already! I love Christmas time so very much. I love to focus on the Savior and on the real stuff. The magic of the season is so fun too--especially with little ones in the house. I want to make sure they bask in the wonder of the beautiful lights and gorgeous ornaments, but mostly I hope that they will feel the joy that comes from knowing who Jesus Christ is and why we celebrate this special time of year.  

a homeschool life conversation with maren jones

Hello! My name is Maren & I am the lucky wife of Dan Jones.  We met on a blind date in high school & have been married for almost 18 years.  We have 6 children: Averee 13.5, Adelyn 11.5, Owen 10, Reese 7, Gavin 4 & Fisher 3.  We live in beautiful Southern Utah. We enjoy the outdoors; boating, camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, playing games, & watching movies.  But nothing beats a date night, or even better-a vacation with just us two.

where your treasure is

Oh, my. I should have posted this about a week ago, but life and everything, and well, I'm just getting around to it!  I want to document that autumn when Abe was two and Matthew was five, because these sure are precious days. And the mustaches. How could I not document those?! The mustache thing started last year when Matthew wore the same costume as this year. We looked at him all decked out and realized a mustache was missing.

a homeschool life conversation with jesika harmon

We are the Harmons! Robbie, aka the Principal who the students actually want to get sent to visit; Jesika, aka the teacher/mom who some days flies by the seat of her pants; Bree, aka the sweet 9 year old who loves everything art, history and music, and not so much anything math this year; Gabe, aka the 7 year old who rolls his eyes at reading unless it has to do with animals and college sports teams; McKay, aka the 5 year old who is trying to find his place as the third child and has all the sport/math/reading talent as his older siblings but kindawants to be different; and Quinn, aka the 3 year old ballerina who reminds mom that she has to do “her math and grammar” every day too.