Hi, I'm Elizabeth!  Thank you for stopping by.  I call this space my  journal because I write about things that inspire me or that are special or important to me in some way.  My husband Jeremiah and I have two boys (Matthew and Abraham), and we live in Utah and also have a place in Alaska.  We homeschool, so you'll see a lot of our experience doing that woven throughout these pages.  We do our best to live our lives deliberately and joyfully as we work hard to serve God and build a Christ-centered family.  I believe that our lives can be filled with joy and peace as we focus on Him and His gospel.

If someone would have told me a few years back that I'd be sharing in such a public forum, I would have laughed (and certainly would not have believed them)!  I'm honestly a pretty private person.  But over the past couple of years I have felt God gently telling me to open my heart a little wider and share things I used to keep all bottled up in there--or at least, mostly bottled up.  I have felt prompted to share things that help me in my family life and that inspire me as I raise my children and build our home and life together.  Sharing openly continues to be a process for me, but I feel so much joy in doing so!  This has become a wonderful creative outlet for me as well as enriching to my family.  As I have opened my heart in writing, I have made beautiful new friends in new places.  God is so good.

Life is meant to be beautiful.  I truly believe this!  And it's not because my life is easy.  Because it's not (though I do feel very blessed).  My goal in this space is to share some of the deep stuff--what helps me through the rough spots as well as share some of the light stuff--what makes the good things even sweeter.  And I also share everything in between.  One of my favorite categories to share in is Nourish & Create.  I think the two go hand-in-hand, and as the years continue to progress, I notice how incredibly important it is to me personally to make time to nourish and create.  I also love to occasionally invite some women I admire on here to share something that helps me and that might bless your life as well.  I hope that you feel inspired as you visit these pages.