autumn reading

In the morning you will find me sitting below an east facing window, sun streaming in, with several boys vying for a spot on my lap. Reading time is really one of the highlights of our days and is what I do first to gather the boys and help them begin our day. Gathering (at times) rambunctious boys is no joke! In order for me to do it effectively, I have found that bringing over a large stack of carefully-chosen books the best approach. Reading helps grumpy mornings turn happy. Reading helps complaining turn into smiles. Reading makes everything better!

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to mold living clay

When we nurture strong relationships with our children, in a very real way, they become moldable clay in our hands. This is not to say that they don’t have their own unique personalities, characteristics, and talents—but when we put in the time and energy to build relationships, they feel that Christlike love and energy from us as parents. And when that Christlike love is present, our children have soft, open hearts towards us and what we do.

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Hey Mama, You Have What it Takes to Teach Your Own

Writing this post has been in my mind and heart for the last several years. The only think I have lacked in actually getting it done is time! But as I awoke early this morning, I thought “I’m just going to do it!”

When people find out that I homeschool, I often get a similar response: “Oh, I could never do that! I don’t have enough patience!” or “My kids fight too much!” or “I would go nuts being around my kids that much!” While homeschooling may not be a possibility for everyone due to their personal circumstances, my purpose in writing this is to say “Hey Mama, you have what it takes to homeschool your own! You are better equipped than you think you are!” I want to give a hug of support and encouragement to any mother out there who has considered it but then has had a wave of fear run over her for one reason or another.

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mount up with wings as eagles

Mount up with wings as eagles.  I love that phrase and imagery taken from Isaiah chapter 40.  I want to “mount up with wings as eagles” figuratively in how I live life!  Here are some of my thoughts on this topic.

Lately I have been thinking about seasons and energy and rest and goals and revelation.  Maybe it’s because in my heart I want to do so much!  But this season has been an exhausting one for me —wonderful, wonderful blessings, but none-the-less exhausting!  It has been an intensive season of work. I think most any mother can relate.

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ready or not, it’s a new (home)school year!

Today and tonight I finished some last-minute homeschool preparations. I penciled in our schedule and wrote out some things I’m hoping we can accomplish this year. I penciled in practice schedules and games. I tried to visualize how to fit it all in. Tonight my husband gave us beautiful back-to-school blessings. My boys each received one, and I received one too (maybe because I need it more than my boys)?! Truly, though, homeschooling requires heavenly help. It’s a big undertaking. 

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and then my baby turned one!

This past week our precious Elijah turned one! I cannot believe it. In so many ways this year has flown and yet so very much has happened! Elijah is an absolute blessing to our family. He is wonderfully natured and loves to laugh and be happy. His brothers adore him. He loves his daddy and he is a total mama’s boy. I’m not complaining.

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