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autumn art projects

I love this time of year. The change of season is always refreshing to me. And the autumn colors against the brilliant blue sky is breathtaking to me. One of my favorite things is to find ways to bring nature indoors as well as create with my kids. I think it's important for them to create, but I also find it's an essential outlet for me personally! Here are a few projects we have enjoyed doing.

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eating whole: breakfast time

I like our family to eat as many whole and unrefined foods as possible.  I believe the more whole foods children eat when they are young, their palates will develop to appreciate whole foods and they'll have less of a craving or taste for more refined foods (which I believe leads to healthier habits). With that said, we still do occasionally eat some sugary cold cereals and some other refined things, but I try to keep it to a minimum.  We try to have them as treats rather than meals.

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little Christmas moments

The other night was like most evenings, my husband and I were exhausted from a busy day! It was also Monday night, which means we hold Family Home Evening: a time when we have a brief lesson about Jesus Christ and His gospel and occasionally some sort of activity. It turned out to be an especially wonderful evening.

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