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Hey Mama, You Have What it Takes to Teach Your Own

Writing this post has been in my mind and heart for the last several years. The only think I have lacked in actually getting it done is time! But as I awoke early this morning, I thought “I’m just going to do it!”

When people find out that I homeschool, I often get a similar response: “Oh, I could never do that! I don’t have enough patience!” or “My kids fight too much!” or “I would go nuts being around my kids that much!” While homeschooling may not be a possibility for everyone due to their personal circumstances, my purpose in writing this is to say “Hey Mama, you have what it takes to homeschool your own! You are better equipped than you think you are!” I want to give a hug of support and encouragement to any mother out there who has considered it but then has had a wave of fear run over her for one reason or another.

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mount up with wings as eagles

Mount up with wings as eagles.  I love that phrase and imagery taken from Isaiah chapter 40.  I want to “mount up with wings as eagles” figuratively in how I live life!  Here are some of my thoughts on this topic.

Lately I have been thinking about seasons and energy and rest and goals and revelation.  Maybe it’s because in my heart I want to do so much!  But this season has been an exhausting one for me —wonderful, wonderful blessings, but none-the-less exhausting!  It has been an intensive season of work. I think most any mother can relate.

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ready or not, it’s a new (home)school year!

Today and tonight I finished some last-minute homeschool preparations. I penciled in our schedule and wrote out some things I’m hoping we can accomplish this year. I penciled in practice schedules and games. I tried to visualize how to fit it all in. Tonight my husband gave us beautiful back-to-school blessings. My boys each received one, and I received one too (maybe because I need it more than my boys)?! Truly, though, homeschooling requires heavenly help. It’s a big undertaking. 

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gardening for the soul

Today was one of those stay-at-home all day beautiful kind of days.  We continued our homeschool astronomy study (this unit has been so much fun with my boys), and we just enjoyed being together.  Some days I'm craving to get out of the house--but today, it just felt nice to stay home and do our school and take the time we need to do the things we want and need to do.  We are currently staying at my mother and father-in-law's winter home since we sold our house a few weeks ago and are trying to figure out where we are going to move next!  We are down in the desert in the community I grew up in.  It's been really nice to be here.  A beautiful desert rainstorm rolled in during the early afternoon, and we enjoyed every blessed moment of it!  The air here is so fresh, and after a rainstorm, there is a wonderful sagey scent in the air.  I think it's one of the freshest scents in the world! 

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a good day

I feel like we've been taking every possible opportunity lately to enjoy ourselves and set aside work to go have fun!  I think we are weary from the whirlwind of the last ten months in our last house.  I never like to dwell on negative stuff or any of that--but it was a difficult time for us (my guess is that at sometime most people experience difficult times)? Anyway, to be down south in the sunshine, and to have the opportunity to soak up some nature and beauty, and to have the privilege of being near family is an incredible blessing! We recognize that, and we are taking advantage of it!

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education is a matter of the heart

It's just so much more. So much comes down to the feeling in our home and how we interact. If I'm feeling stressed or irritable, then school time is pretty hard and kind of miserable. But when I take the time to remember what an honor it is to be with these precious people and we work together on things, I truly cannot imagine a sweeter feeling in the world! In a very real way, I see my boys' hearts open. And when their hearts are open, their minds are like sponges, and they just soak everything up with such happiness and delight! Then learning is such a truly joyful process. The day flows naturally, and we move naturally from one lesson to another and one task to another. And our home is a heaven on earth. It's a beautiful experience. 

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