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Hey Mama, You Have What it Takes to Teach Your Own

Writing this post has been in my mind and heart for the last several years. The only think I have lacked in actually getting it done is time! But as I awoke early this morning, I thought “I’m just going to do it!”

When people find out that I homeschool, I often get a similar response: “Oh, I could never do that! I don’t have enough patience!” or “My kids fight too much!” or “I would go nuts being around my kids that much!” While homeschooling may not be a possibility for everyone due to their personal circumstances, my purpose in writing this is to say “Hey Mama, you have what it takes to homeschool your own! You are better equipped than you think you are!” I want to give a hug of support and encouragement to any mother out there who has considered it but then has had a wave of fear run over her for one reason or another.

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a good day

I feel like we've been taking every possible opportunity lately to enjoy ourselves and set aside work to go have fun!  I think we are weary from the whirlwind of the last ten months in our last house.  I never like to dwell on negative stuff or any of that--but it was a difficult time for us (my guess is that at sometime most people experience difficult times)? Anyway, to be down south in the sunshine, and to have the opportunity to soak up some nature and beauty, and to have the privilege of being near family is an incredible blessing! We recognize that, and we are taking advantage of it!

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homeschooling through a month of thanks

November and December are quite possibly my very favorite months to homeschool. The colder weather outside sort of gives us permission to be inside, dress in warm and cozy clothing, spend more time in the kitchen cooking and baking, and read together. And I love that during November and December we get to have a special focus on the months' holidays. Here are a few things we are doing this month to make it special:

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mothering is a joy

We are getting ready to head out of town, but I wanted to briefly share about the United Nations CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) conference, documents are being produced that refer to children as “burdens;” with the expressed desire to have the efforts (unpaid care and domestic work) usually performed by mothers “reduced and redistributed” to “national care systems” (the government). Please see the link here. This cannot be! I wish I were able to hug mothers everywhere who struggle, because the truth is, it's hard work! But I cannot think of a greater work that I could be doing. It makes me cringe to hear children referred to as "burdens," and I want to stand up and shout in support of home and family!

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a day at the museum and some thoughts on trust

The more comfortable I grow into my role as a homeschool mom, the richer the experience is for our family.  I think it's because the I am learning to trust myself!  Maybe that sounds strange, but learning to trust yourself is a huge component in successful homeschooling, When you learn to trust yourself as your child's educator, you are less concerned with measuring what you're doing against what you think someone or something else expects of you (isn't that a silly way to live anyway?).  And you are more in tune--more intuitive in helping your children progress and reach his or her potential at any given time.  Learning to trust yourself can't help but extend also to the child.  I believe that children can feel it when we trust them--by that I mean that they can feel that we have confidence in them.  We are "in tune" with where they are--and respectful of their individuality and recognize the greatness within them.  And that helps them develop the confidence to soar.  Pretty amazing stuff!

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