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a day at the museum and some thoughts on trust

The more comfortable I grow into my role as a homeschool mom, the richer the experience is for our family.  I think it's because the I am learning to trust myself!  Maybe that sounds strange, but learning to trust yourself is a huge component in successful homeschooling, When you learn to trust yourself as your child's educator, you are less concerned with measuring what you're doing against what you think someone or something else expects of you (isn't that a silly way to live anyway?).  And you are more in tune--more intuitive in helping your children progress and reach his or her potential at any given time.  Learning to trust yourself can't help but extend also to the child.  I believe that children can feel it when we trust them--by that I mean that they can feel that we have confidence in them.  We are "in tune" with where they are--and respectful of their individuality and recognize the greatness within them.  And that helps them develop the confidence to soar.  Pretty amazing stuff!

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