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a day on the river

Saturday we all loaded up in the car and drove up the canyon for a little fishing. I'm not into fishing (although I love me some fish!), but for Jeremiah, fly fishing is his thing.  We brought a quilt for me to hang out on and Matthew's fly rod too, and the boys were just ecstatic to have a lesson from daddy!  Watching them follow Jeremiah and try to imitate him in every way really is the sweetest thing to me.  I always tell Jeremiah that they are little men in training.  I can be off doing whatever thing, but they are both glued to whatever dad is doing.  

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mothering is a joy

We are getting ready to head out of town, but I wanted to briefly share about the United Nations CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) conference, documents are being produced that refer to children as “burdens;” with the expressed desire to have the efforts (unpaid care and domestic work) usually performed by mothers “reduced and redistributed” to “national care systems” (the government). Please see the link here. This cannot be! I wish I were able to hug mothers everywhere who struggle, because the truth is, it's hard work! But I cannot think of a greater work that I could be doing. It makes me cringe to hear children referred to as "burdens," and I want to stand up and shout in support of home and family!

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