and then my baby turned one!

This past week our precious Elijah turned one! I cannot believe it. In so many ways this year has flown and yet so very much has happened! Elijah is an absolute blessing to our family. He is wonderfully natured and loves to laugh and be happy. His brothers adore him. He loves his daddy and he is a total mama’s boy. I’m not complaining.


It’s so interesting to me that whenever we have a new baby, immediately I cannot picture what it was like without that little one—almost as if they have always been a part of our family. It is the same with Elijah. 


I remember the moments right before he was born. It’s those moments in labor when I think I cannot do it anymore—particularly during this labor because I had been so sick the couple of weeks leading up to it in addition to having cholestasis of pregnancy. I remember looking up at Jeremiah as if to say “I don’t have anything left.” Actually, I may have even said it out loud to him! And that’s when he reassured me with enthusiasm that I was almost there! And that I was doing so well and that I was strong. And that our precious baby was about to be born! I needed that encouragement in a fierce way. Truly it got me through those last few contractions. And then suddenly I notified (ahem, yelled) that I was ready to push! And Elijah was born within about 8 minutes.

The nurse immediately placed him in my arms. I immediately voiced my gratitude, “thank you, Heavenly Father.” This new human. This Heaven-sent angel. This new little creature. Loaned to me to care for and teach. Such a surreal and transcendent experience to have a newborn babe placed in your arms. Especially after the emotion and intensity of childbirth. 


Elijah is such an sweet boy. He adores his older brothers and has watched him play cars so much that he now knows what to do with cars. I love sitting down with him and building blocks and playing with our little people barn. He thinks playing together is just the best thing ever, and I love it!


I am still nursing him. I keep reading about the benefits of nursing past a year, and don’t feel any rush to wean him! I’m truly just enjoying these days.


He loves being outside and touching and tasting everything! Seeing the world through his eyes is amazing. I love how he delights at simple things like when I get out the VitaMix to blend up some food for him. I love the way he kicks his legs out and bends them and kicks repeatedly when he is so very happy! I love how he twists his wrists and little chubby ankles together when he gets excited too. Being his mom is one of the best things.

Elijah, you are one of the sweetest blessings I could ever dream—thank you for being a part of our family! xo