favorite things right now

Life is full of beauty.  It is not perfect, nor is it easy, but it's good!  And I am grateful.  Here are some sweet things that bring me joy now in this beautiful season.

Matthew:  He is bright, full of life and puts his whole heart into everything he does.  His current interests include snakes, trains, jeeps (cars and trucks in general).  He loves our dog Gus.  He is an early riser (something we're working on), and when he comes down in the morning, he typically waits for me while I finish my morning study.  Nighttime includes listening to classical Christmas music and looking at this reptile book--I love it.  He always wants to dance with me like they do in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."  One word to describe Matthew: vibrant.

Abraham:  I love his sweet and observant spirit.  He shares love and affection for almost everybody, almost anyplace we go.  From the time he was an infant he would smile and wave to people from his seat in the stroller, and I would see their face light up with joy to see this little polite greeter.  He adores his big bother and has begun copying whatever Matthew is doing.  Abe is one tough cookie.  Little and big spills don't seem to phase him.  I can feel that he is a brave little soul--nothing too big or intimidating for him.  I love his happy spirit and overall approach to life. Abe brings light and joy into our home.  One word (okay two words) to describe Abe:  sweetly tenacious.

Jeremiah:  I love his goodness and love.  I love how much effort he puts into being a great father and husband.  I am a blessed woman to have him.

I love the cool air, blue sky, and warm sun.  I love morning frost and the smell of crunchy leaves. Autumn's color pallet is stunning and fills my soul with gratitude and creative inspiration.