a morning with Abe

Lately I have been wondering how, with three boys, to help them each develop into their own people...I guess I'm trying to find ways to help them develop their own identities and hope they don't compare themselves to each other. With homeschool we spend a lot of time together (which is wonderful), but maybe it's in part from welcoming a new sweet babe into our family, but I really miss one-on-one time. I think I'm especially sensitive about it with our second son Abraham--I just don't want him to feel or be lost in the middle! 


So yesterday my husband took Matthew to visit the veterinarian (our dog is sick), and Abe and I along with our baby Elijah, took off with a soccer ball towards the park. It was the ideal perfect Utah autumn day, and Abe was basking in the sunshine and all of the attention.  



I set up the self-timer on my phone because it was a day out I want to remember.  

I love his precious little voice. I love how he picked up a militarize of leaves on the way over and marveled over each one.  



And then the way he gives me what he sees as beautiful as a gift. (Melt my heart)! 



The way he sometimes skips ahead in his happy little way--I love it! 



And leaves provide so much joy! 



We kicked the ball around at the park.  He loves to play ball in whatever form! 

And this boy treasures feathers. He usually can spot at least one while we're out and about. Being around him (or my other children) truly helps me see the world through new eyes, and I love it.



Clever spot for a feather, right?! ;) 

Lastly, we made French toast per his request. Sure thing, sweet Abe.