we moved!

Well, we moved! And my goodness, it felt totally stressful to me and to us! Jeremiah calculated that it was the fourth time we've moved in five years. And of those four moves, three of them were while pregnant...no wonder I'm beat!  



We sold our house a lot faster than we anticipated. We feel really grateful that we were able to find a home soon too. And while the time crunch was super tight, and I wasn't the most patient version of myself during the packing up and moving time, Jeremiah and I noticed so many little miracles fall into place. One thing (of many) that this move is teaching me is that Heavenly Father is so aware of us and our needs and even our righteous desires!  Nothing is too small to take to the Lord. And I've noticed in moments when I'm feeling stretched and stressed and the littlest difficulty just seems too heavy, He is always there to help us. It reminds me of this thought-provoking question posed by Neal A. Maxwell:

"Isn’t it marvelous, brothers and sisters, that God, who knows everything, still spends time listening to our prayers?"



Truly, He does listen to our prayers. If it's a prayer on our knees as we start our day or a brief prayer of asking guidance on something in the moment we need the answer now. He is always there. He is there if our world is right-side-up, and He is there if our world appears irreparably upside down. 



On another note, we are so excited for new adventures ahead! It's always amazing watching life unfold and acknowledging the ever-present hand of God in our lives. When Jeremiah and I talk about things together, we always make a great effort to discuss big and seemingly small blessings. Life is so much richer when we do that! If I were to credit something as either good luck or bad luck or even just circumstance, I would not really be living. I would be missing out on so much beauty. 




So after a whirlwind of moving out quickly, we are now waiting to close on our new place that is really an old place. It is a Tudor built in 1929. We are so incredibly excited about it! We are excited to put some work into it and make it our own.  



Meanwhile we are down south enjoying some sunshine and also a little rest. After a crazy season, carving out some time to renew and refreshing is just absolutely essential for me! I am grateful for it.



These pictures are from a fun outing we did today! We went and got frozen custard and hung around a super beautiful historical site--the Brigham Young home. Lots of gratitude right now. xo