happy birthday, jeremiah!

It is the time of the year for birthdays in our family, and I'm already behind!  We celebrated Jeremiah's birthday over the weekend.  Just so grateful for this guy.  I couldn't help but think back to our first date.  I had been on a vacation a couple of hours north at Bear Lake when he called.  I was so excited to go out with him that I came back early!  He showed up to my house in a purple t-shirt and we joke that he had a purple face!  Seriously, though, he had been at the pool all day and had a major sunburn!  Pretty funny.  In our move we came across that purple shirt all folded up in the closet, and I insisted we keep it.  It's part of our history.

jeremiah bday-1.jpg

We went and got sushi downtown Salt Lake City (and unfortunately the restaurant we went to went out of business soon after we went there, so we can't go back to eat there and reminisce on that first date)!  The food was so good. The entire time I couldn't stop thinking how cute and funny and smart he was!  Just SO much fun to talk to.  One of the things that really stood out to me was that I could have an interesting conversation with him about basically anything; politics, faith, school, work, family, food, memories, goals--you name it.  We ate then went to the pharmacy to grab something to put on his horrible sunburn (ouch)!  Then went up to a city overlook, and I think we ate popsicles.  For sure the highlight of our first date for me was conversation--I just felt like I could have talked to him for forever.  Anyway, that's a bit about our first date (almost eight years ago)!  My, how time flies.

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jeremiah bday3-1.jpg

I still cannot believe we have three sons.  So blessed!  And still cannot believe it.  

Jeremiah is such a talented guy.  And he knows at least something about almost anything--especially when it relates to politics or policy or the Constitution. I still love having time to just talk with him.  He is fiercely loyal and puts his all into raising our sons.  And he does his best to be the type of man God wants him to be.

jeremiah bday5-1.jpg
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