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alaska part ii

Here are more Alaska pictures.  I have so many that I could not fit them all into one post!  We had so many adventures there.  My sweet mother-in-law is an angel and took the boys so Jeremiah and I could spend time out.  It was a blast!  We did a ton of exploring.  Some moments cannot be adequately captured with a camera--so these pictures may not do justice to the experience.  But they are fun to look back on and remember!

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alaska part i

I fell in love with Alaska during our trip there in August.  I've been there a couple of times; Jeremiah proposed to me there on his family's land overlooking the bay.  And then we went up there the following winter when I was expecting Matthew.  For the record, winter there is an amazing experience.  The sky is the bluest blue.  The snow is pristine, and the air is clear and salty with the wonderful refreshment the ocean brings.  I enjoyed both times so very much.  But this time was different.

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