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education is a matter of the heart

It's just so much more. So much comes down to the feeling in our home and how we interact. If I'm feeling stressed or irritable, then school time is pretty hard and kind of miserable. But when I take the time to remember what an honor it is to be with these precious people and we work together on things, I truly cannot imagine a sweeter feeling in the world! In a very real way, I see my boys' hearts open. And when their hearts are open, their minds are like sponges, and they just soak everything up with such happiness and delight! Then learning is such a truly joyful process. The day flows naturally, and we move naturally from one lesson to another and one task to another. And our home is a heaven on earth. It's a beautiful experience. 

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a homeschool life conversation with brandi mcintosh

With some difficulty (not a morning person) I rise around 7 each morning and get started on breakfast.  This morning Ellie surprised me with eggs ready.  She's my early bird and frequently helps in this way, knowing how much it helps her morning zombie of a mama out.  (Mamas of young children - easier days - they are coming)!  By the time breakfast is ready, the younger kids are up and Gavin (15) joins us with a little help. ;) We've all agreed we prefer to get going somewhat early so that we can move through our day at an unhurried pace and have time for what matters. 

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