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a homeschool life conversation with kimberly lowry

Hi, I feel honored that Elizabeth asked me to talk about how I homeschool.  My name is Kimberly.  I grew up in a little town in south-east Idaho.   I have 7 children.  My oldest daughter is 20 and is a sophomore in college.  I then have 2 boys ages 17 and 15.  Next, 3 girls ages 11, 10, and 8, and finally a boy age 3.  We live in Fairbanks, Alaska and although we spend most of the year freezing, Alaska is a great place to raise kids.  I homeschool all of my children, and have since my oldest was in 3rd grade.

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a homeschool life conversation with maren jones

Hello! My name is Maren & I am the lucky wife of Dan Jones.  We met on a blind date in high school & have been married for almost 18 years.  We have 6 children: Averee 13.5, Adelyn 11.5, Owen 10, Reese 7, Gavin 4 & Fisher 3.  We live in beautiful Southern Utah. We enjoy the outdoors; boating, camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, playing games, & watching movies.  But nothing beats a date night, or even better-a vacation with just us two.

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a homeschool life conversation with jesika harmon

We are the Harmons! Robbie, aka the Principal who the students actually want to get sent to visit; Jesika, aka the teacher/mom who some days flies by the seat of her pants; Bree, aka the sweet 9 year old who loves everything art, history and music, and not so much anything math this year; Gabe, aka the 7 year old who rolls his eyes at reading unless it has to do with animals and college sports teams; McKay, aka the 5 year old who is trying to find his place as the third child and has all the sport/math/reading talent as his older siblings but kindawants to be different; and Quinn, aka the 3 year old ballerina who reminds mom that she has to do “her math and grammar” every day too.

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